Photos (Show Stills)

Photos or scenes (show stills) from Hard Rock Heroes are scattered throughout this website, but this section is where they are concentrated. Check them out; how many of these segments of Hard Rock Heroes do you remember?

Beau with Lenita Erickson Beau with Quiet Riot
Beau with Mark and Tim of Slaughter Beau with Leathur Dogz
Beau with Kim Mitchell The Birthday/Anniversary Show!
Shanghai Slash perform at The Zoo Beau with Randy Bachman
Beau with Goddo Beau with Iron Maiden fans at Winnipeg Arena
Beau with Dan McC. & Darrell Sweet of Nazareth Beau with Ray Coburn of Honeymoon Suite
The Ironing Board Show! Beau with Shaky of Lawsuit
Beau with Nick Walsh & Rob Bruce of Slik Toxik Beau with Jason & Geoff of Liquid Bone Dance
Beau with The Four Horsemen Beau with CITI FM's Gord Fry and agent Kevin Walters
Beau with Al Harlow & Darcy Deutsch of Prism Beau with Jack Damage
The 1992 Christmas Show! Beau with Dee Cernile of Sven Gali
Beau with Shanghai Slash Beau with Ham Botham of Specula Black
Beau with Mark Cavarzan of Brighton Rock Helix perform at Night Moves
Stephen, Vern, and Mike of Tooth 'N Nail Beau with Jan and Sjor of Big House
Beau with Marc LaBossiere The Little Wanker!
Slik Toxik perform at The Zoo Slaughter fans sing "Up All Night"
Guns 'N Roses fans discuss their 1993 concert Leathur Dogz perform at Georgie's
Specula Black perform at Georgie's Beau with Doug Waite and Pete Waite of Jane Doe
The Hard Rock Heroes Cake! Beau on Hwy. 75 discussing North Dakota rock shows

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